Coming soon: FieldScale, the WUE automatic scales

In conjunction with the acquisition of “PlantEye F500”, we are pleased to announce yet another significant investment: “FieldScale” by Phenospex, the water use efficiency measuring scales.

“FieldScale” is a stainless steel gravimetric platform able to assess the reaction of plants undergoing water stress tests. The “FieldScale” automatic scales can be placed on a flat surface or directly on the ground and can carry various size pots and containers (from 5 kg to 1.000 kg).

The “FieldScale” measuring system is supported by web software allowing to set up the test and oversee the monitored crops. Through the Phenospex R Pack-Age plug-in, the collected data can be analysed according to different parameters, such as the daily water loss and the transpiration velocity. The main control unit is connected to some panels which are able to monitor the different single scales and to scan hundreds of plants at the same time.

Thanks to the use of the “FieldScale” automatic scales, during the trials, we will be able to obtain increasingly precise and detailed information thus improving the quality and the duration of the research while drastically reducing the error rate.

EU LIFE subsidies for P4P project officially granted

P4P® is a fascinating, joint innovation project from Landlab and Van Iperen International.
P4P® stands for Plants for Plants. Birth of a new generation of biostimulants,
coming from plant extracts from organically grown food crops.

The 6th ETS field day in Landlab

A month ago, on May the 27th 2019, Landlab hosted the visit of the 140 participants to the 6th ETS field day (European Turfgrass Society).