On July the 2nd > 4th the 6th ETS conference took place in Manchester – UK

with > 110 participants.
Landlab is one of the funding members of ETS and has been hosting the official headquarter as well as the ETS secretariat for a long period.

Therefore, as we have been doing since 2008, we joined this conference with our Project manager, Antonio Slaviero , responsible within Landlab for the turf research area.

The goal of this last ETS meeting was to further encourage an holistic approach to the turf with respect to its influence on the urban environment.

Presentations and posters were focused on managment systems for reducing the impact of the turf diseases in a soft way, or by using selected varieties, increasing the fertilizers’ efficiency through the by introduction of organic compounds and on enhancing the water efficiency through several products.

According to a general growing request, in Europe but not only, in order to have more sustainable turfs and lawn areas, researchers are moving into the direction of studying various manners of managing the green areas differently from the recent past: this is opening new opportunities.

During the conference the STRI site, the largest R&D turf station in the north of Europe, has been visited.

Landlab is also strongly involved in this flow of turf researches since > 25 years ago. We are always focused on very sustainable systems for growing healthy and strong turfgrass and thanks to this we have become, during the last decades, the largest R&D turf station in the South of Europe, with a specifically dedicated team and several trials performed every year on the above mentioned topics.

EU LIFE subsidies for P4P project officially granted

P4P® is a fascinating, joint innovation project from Landlab and Van Iperen International.
P4P® stands for Plants for Plants. Birth of a new generation of biostimulants,
coming from plant extracts from organically grown food crops.

The 6th ETS field day in Landlab

A month ago, on May the 27th 2019, Landlab hosted the visit of the 140 participants to the 6th ETS field day (European Turfgrass Society).