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the 6th ETS field day in Landlab

A month ago, on May the 27th 2019, Landlab hosted the visit of the 140 participants to the 6th ETS field day (European Turfgrass Society).

Since 1992, Landlab has been performing a significant R&D activity in the turf segment which accounts for about 1/5 of the whole Landlab turnover.

The guests were split into small groups for a more accurate visit to the Landlab facility: the green-house with its 3.000 sqm of rain-out shelters and the field trials.

The 4 Project Managers presented the currently underway researches as well as the technologies used at Landlab, such as the new Phenotyping Plattform (LLPhP) and others, focusing on the different issues under investigation.

The participants were quite impressed by the Landlab facility an organization and therefore several questions arised.

Although the weather was not too friendly (cold and rainy), the successful visit ended in a farmer house close to Landlab, with a cheerful and friendly buffet-dinner, based on local food and wine.

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