Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting – ABIM 2019

21st ─ 23rd October 2019, Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

The annual ABIM event which took place in Basel, focuses the attention on the biocontrol issues, on the connected European regulations and on some examples of firms operating in this sector. The biocontrol, performed using bio-pesticides (plant extracts, semiochemicals, microrganisms…) or using  macrorganisms, is dramatically evolving and expanding and the forecast for the next years describes an exponential  growth  of this sector until at least 2024.

Landlab wanted to make an impression with the installation of a booth.

The presentation of our LL017 was the opportunity for introducing Landlab as a service centre for research as well as a research facility for innovation which – in fact – is seeing a great demand for innovative products able to meet the market requirements.

EU LIFE subsidies for P4P project officially granted

P4P® is a fascinating, joint innovation project from Landlab and Van Iperen International.
P4P® stands for Plants for Plants. Birth of a new generation of biostimulants,
coming from plant extracts from organically grown food crops.

The 6th ETS field day in Landlab

A month ago, on May the 27th 2019, Landlab hosted the visit of the 140 participants to the 6th ETS field day (European Turfgrass Society).