Plants keep going, Landlab as well

Dear all, we hope that you, your family, and your colleagues are healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

We at Landlab are all well and we are one of the companies that the Italian Government considers as crucial even in this time of Covid-19 crisis: we are allowed to proceed with our daily job.

We had to change significantly our usual operations in order to ensure the safety of our workers, increase the space between employees reduce the number of people in our facility by working in shifts and remotely as well.

We have also suspended all our visits to customers and any access to our facilities from outside.

But we can receive products and samples essential for performing the requested trials.

Of course, we are still managing trials off-site in Italy.

This is a difficult situation and we try to match the client’s requests with convenient research proposal.

We think that this would help us and our client to keep going on in these difficult times.

This is a time of uncertainty for everyone and we are extremely grateful to our incredible team and to the community of partners, clients and suppliers. 

P4P Kick-off meeting at Landlab

20th February 2020 After years of research and enthusiastic work a new phase for the Plants for Plants (P4P) project is beginning. Thanks to the

+ qualified staff + advanced tools

News & Events + an even more qualified staff: during the second half of 2018 Landlab have increased the number of its researchers thanks to the addition of two new PhDs, specialised in the plants’ photosynthesis and development.