This document aims to define Landlab’s current reality and to trace the lines of its future development.

Landlab is a cutting-edge research facility because it is a place for pure thought, development and innovation for agriculture: we think, we lead, we pinpoint.
Steadily growing and constantly changing, Landlab knows how to renew and innovate itself by investing is resources and technology. We develop products intended for a sustainable agriculture.
Landlab is a geographically articulated, flexible and multidisciplinary reality: we meet the needs of our clients and build future orientated partnerships. With an internationally acclaimed profile, Landlab is a place for meeting, sharing and dialogue.

Our job is based on the research, on a constant training, on the pursue of scientific quality, on the innovation of techniques and methods and on the organisation and precision of our performance.

Landlab promotes every individual as a professional bearing skills, know-how and values. We demand commitment, dedication, quick thinking, spirit of cooperation, the will to share concepts, skills and to discern with passion, ambition towards new goals, curiosity and creativity.

In Landlab we believe in sincere relationships, in honesty, transparency, legality and in a sense of justice. We welcome people from different origins, backgrounds and opinions with hospitality and simplicity, acknowledging and respecting their ideas and experiences with attention and will to listen and dialogue.
Landlab is based on the sense of responsibility towards its duties and towards the individuals, the objects and the surroundings as well as on a prudent financial management.

Landlab is driven to new ideas, opportunities and solutions. We emphasise the importance of innovation, of being on the cutting edge and embracing challenges in areas not yet fully scrutinised. All of this is thanks to a constant research, to the will to investigate, to the desire to understand, to the eagerness for problem solving and to the ability to adjust to changes. This can be summed up in the term “foresight”.

Landlab carries out its research with respect for the environment for a sustainable agriculture.


Landlab deals with plant nutrition, bio-stimulation and protection by developing new products and cultivation techniques with special care for the changes of this sector.
The global husbandry and therefore the food production is more than 90% performed using conventional methods, meaning those resulting from the so called Green Revolution of the 1960’s which was dominated by synthetic chemicals and by a strong use of Non-renewable energy and of water.
On the contrary, Landlab has always been promoting a “gentle” approach to the food production:
• optimisation of the resource consumption
• maximisation of the cultivated plants and improvement of the crops quality: maximum yield with less products (fertilizers, water, energy)
• exploitation of other production cycles’ resources (urban, agri-food, industrial)
• aim towards the “zero residue” of agrochemicals (pesticides) in food: prioritize the Biocontrol
• promotion of genetic diversity (biodiversity)
• respect for the environment and for the staff, compatible with the actual feasibility of the trials
• lead the clients towards the use of eco-friendlier products

Landlab has an R&D department whose goal is to predict, outline and spot the trends, to put it simply to “foresee” in order to define new paths and engage with new challenges, and it’s a place of academic excitement.

Take on new research projects in a constant effective and successful scientific exploration;
Open new departments and services in new areas by making prudent and carefully weighted financial choices;
innovate and provide the clients with answers backed up by new cues for further research;
pay meticulous attention to the trial execution.


– recycling of the trial material (when possible)
• energy efficiency of the premises and of the workplace. Landlab wants to enforce solutions aiming towards the energy efficiency
• re-assignment of the fruit and vegetables deriving from the trials for social purposes which are donated to local charitable organizations who will distribute them to the people in need. These donations shall be made upon careful consideration of the possible residual treatments performed on the cultures
• careful management of the processing waste


Working in Landlab is like being part of an orchestra where everyone’s input is functional to the masterpiece performance. We prioritise the job differentiation into specific roles and the professional development within each individual’s peculiarities. Every person brings a story and comes here to do research. In Landlab we don’t “climb the ladder” rather we have the opportunity for a constant personal and academic growth as well as everybody’s responsibilities, as much as possible in a team rather than as a single individual. We value and enhance everyone’s skills who shall also be committed towards their own duties, towards the other individuals and towards the things and the premises.
The job and the projects live thanks to a constant study, to the desire to engage in new challenges, to a problem solving orientated team, to the pursuit of goals and to the cooperation which supports the whole thing. Everything happens through moments of confrontation where the staff, no matter what their role and level, are equal and ready to listen and to exchange opinions and ideas.
Landlab nourishes and values the sense of belonging to a team and the pride to perform an innovative, inspiring, multidisciplinary, stimulating job, always driven to new ideas, challenges and projects constantly beyond the clients’ and partners’ expectations.


We strive to achieve the safety at work, the wellbeing, the healthcare and the staff’s satisfaction by pursuing a correct attitude in compliance with the National Collective Agreements through the distribution of the budgetary outcome and the assignment of benefits in order to increase the staff’s motivation and the work quality.
Landlab’s activity is strictly connected to the seasonal cycle and therefore requires mutual flexibility in order to promote a balance between working life and family life.
Landlab encourages and promotes gender equality at the workplace and in the access to social rights (e.g. Parental leave).


The financial management is accurate, prudent, wise and transparent. It aims at Landlab’s growth and innovation. Landlab believes in the constant reuse of the positive margins: both towards the people, through the economical recognition of the staff’s commitment, through benefits and other various supports, and also through investments in technology, capital equipment and operational resources, relevant for the whole research quality and which can alleviate the physical burdens.

Landlab – in order to reduce the margins of error of the investment itself – shall find occasions and ways for a shared evaluation at all levels and in proportion to the responsibilities, to the undertaken costs and investments, by performing a thorough assessment of the pros and cons in terms of scientific, economic, organisational and of labour facilitation value.

The research facility is committed to the pursuit of solutions and favourable opportunities to obtain both public and private funding. It supports external development and cooperation projects.

In the event of financial losses, Landlab commits to finding all the possible solutions and to implementing, in order, the following job protection measures:
1. Cutback in profits
2. Cutback in running costs
3. Cutback in benefits
4. Cutback in investments


Landlab takes great care in welcoming its clients and partners with a helpful and proactive approach. In line with our values, we pay attention and listen to every request and we establish an open and constant dialogue based on relationships of mutual esteem and respect.
Landlab wants to be a point of reference and a support for its partners and we strive to establish active and constructive relationships of confrontation aiming at solving problems and at searching common and shared goals in the interests of transparency. Each client and partner has a precise referee within Landlab in order to make the communications efficient and timely and to be promptly briefed on the trials and researches progress.
Landlab is committed to respect the confidentiality of the information collected during the business relationship.
Landlab, as soon as it becomes known, reserves the right to reassess the continuation of the business relationship with clients and partners who shall act in clear contrast with the principles and values stated in the present document.
Landlab manifests its own identity and promotes its core values towards larger audiences.

Landlab believes in a transparent and essential communication which is constant and flawless between each member of the team within the respect of the roles, of the responsibilities and of everyone’s opinions. The communication needs to be functional to the sharing of information, to the experience, to the know-how as well as to the job management. All the team – in order to avoid misunderstanding and confusion – is committed to transparently share all the info and therefore give a clear view of the ongoing work.
Some info is classified as confidential and therefore is known and treated exclusively by those who are strictly and necessarily involved.
Every member of the staff pledges to comply with the internal regulation regarding the communication and relational flux, and – in order to avoid confusion and waste of time – to promote and find ways to facilitate the communication within the team.

The auditing of the present document shall be necessarily requested to the Administrative Board who shall involve in the discussion with the most interested subjects and identify the proper ways to proceed with any possible amendment.