CASE STUDY: Support to Plant Breeding and Varieties Check

Landlab lawn arena is the dedicated area for screening turfgrass species and mixtures in open field.

Graph representing the trend of the Green Index curves per each varieties or blend over time. The imposition of stressful conditions in different phases amplifies differences and allow the best and worst performing entries.
Reaction of different varieties after drought stress in 2018 rainout tunnel trial.
Evaluation of Nutrient-Use efficiency on tobacco varieties, Summer 2018.

CASE STUDY: Organic fertilizers

Rich of organic matter, frequently coming from industries leftovers, these “green” fertilizers have a significant nutritional role in the modern agriculture. They behave as Slow Release Fertilizers (SRF’s) and this key feature is relevant to reduce nutrients wastes.

CASE STUDY: Plants Biostimulants (PBS)

Metabolic enhancers, plants stengtheners, elicitors, Plants Growth Regulators – like and many other definitions, scientific and official. All these terms describe the PBS based products,

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