Driven to explore the dynamics of plants, the Landlab team is based on a variety of diverse specialisations and know-how which interlock in a circular style where the information is constantly exchanged to gain the best possible result in the research.

From the beginning of this year – in order to better fulfil the requests and the needs of its clients – Landlab introduced a new management model.

No more a pyramid structure, headed by a single individual, but a new organisational model based on an increased involvement of each member of the staff which – for this purpose – opened up to the project managers, professionals with specific training and skills who, while leading an equally well-skilled team, will meet the needs of the clients step by step from the very beginning to the final phases of the project.


experiences that contaminate each other, a constant flow and exchange of information: we strive for the highest results only.

4 Agronomists master degree
2 Agronomist PhD
4 Agronomists junior
2 Biotechnologists master degree
3 Administration & facilities care
1 Technician
+ Seasonal assistants


Profiles of our professionals.

Management area

Scientific Manager
Accounting & finance manager
scientific organization and scientific manager

Scientific area

scientific organization and scientific manager
Nutrition trials manager
Turf trials manager
Specialties trials manager
Trials assistant

Technical area

Installation, maintenance, new tools
Landlab’s site maintenance
Trials assistance
Trials assistant and digital image analisys exec.
Trials assistant
Trials assistance
Trials assistant

Administration area

Accountant & trading expert
Accounting & finance manager

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