During the many years of applied research activity Landlab has been dealing with several subjects and issues: from the support to plants breeding programs to the development of special fertilizers and novel categories of Plants Biostimulants, under normal and critical conditions as the ones generated by abiotic stresses.

For these reasons we have been forced to simulate and mimic unusual environmental situations and therefore to develop various materials and methods included own technologies, phenotyping detection systems and special tools for products application.

And of course always under very confidential agreements. Thus the key studies we present have to be seen as examples of our material and methods and are meant to show how we work and the results can be obtained.


Agronomy, plants physiology & pathology

Plants (grass and legumes) selection, studies on plants populations, design and drive tests aimed to study efficacy of high tech fertilizers (soil, drip, foliar application), researches on the interaction: soil types- plants-nutrients types/ratio- water management Design of biostimulants and related R&D Plants phenotyping with conventional biometric methods and advanced Digital Image Analysis systems


Molecular biology, Genetics, Genetics engineering (sequencing, recombination between vectors and DNA fragments, DNA and culture concentration, DNA, RNA extraction, primers writing, real time PCR, enzyme extraction and analysis); Biochemistry, Cellular culture, Vegetable morphology, Vegetable biotechnology

R&D project managing

Define, write, lead, R&D projects funded by regional, national, EU funds on behalf of industries network; connect private partners with public research institutions


List of cases – practical examples