Metabolic enhancers, plants stengtheners, elicitors, Plants Growth Regulators – like and many other definitions, scientific and official. All these terms describe the PBS based products, the new frontier in agriculture and plants science. Resulting from a wide spectrum of sources such as industries leftovers, organic material, synthetic, PBS are more and more frequently used in agriculture in order to improve the productivity, increase the resistance of the plants against abiotic stresses but also the biotic ones.

The key challenge in developing these products is prove their efficacy on plants and their mode/mechanism of action, particularly in critical conditions like water or nutrients deficiency. Landlab has been deeply involved in this innovation flow since the very beginning and has developed a solid experience in studying the PBS on several model species and relevant crops. The methodology is a multi step screening, focused on the recognition of plant’s signals. By increasing the complexity of the analysis it’s possible to study more in depth the PBS’s candidates from different perspectives.

Tomato plants were treated with several Bio-stimulants via foliar application; a drought stress was imposed and several assessements were recorded on the plants.
The treatments induced an higher fruit setting, thus showing how specific compound are able to alleviate stress condition and increasing the total final production.