🚀 Introducing The Biotool: Revolutionizing Water Use Efficiency in Agriculture 🌱

We are thrilled to unveil The Biotool (Water Use Efficiency Tool), a cutting-edge system designed to transform how we understand and optimize plant hydration and nutrition. 💧

🌿 Key Features:

💠Possibility to impose several water regimes
💠Fertigation and Biostimulation optimization: Automatic application according to specific programmes
💠Each unit is equipped with an irrigator that supplies the necessary water and nutrients, all controllable remotely.
💠Patented pots designed for a highly efficient temperature buffer, allowing only the water transpiration
💠Our tool is integrated with a high-throughput phenotyping platform (LLPhP), offering unparalleled data accuracy and efficiency.
💠 Possibility to run, contemporary up to 4 experiments.

💡 Applications:

🔹Plant Breeding: Study the transpiration of different ecotypes or varieties to support the breeding of water-resistant plants.
🔹Water Efficiency: Conduct automated studies on water use efficiency and savings
🔹Enhancing research on biostimulants’ efficacy and modes of action.
🔹Fertigation Optimization: Automatically apply nutrition in fertigation, ensuring optimal plant growth.
🔹This groundbreaking project, launched last year, is funded by the Eurostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

👉Discover how The Biotool can revolutionize your agricultural practices.
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