ABIM 2020

The virtual ABIM 2020 was a great experience of virtual conference for Landlab.

The speeches were very interesting, and the companies’ booths were filled with informative brochures and videos. The ABIM 2020 has generated opportunities to exchange ideas and new contacts for Landlab: our booth received a lot of visits and it was well appreciated both by our current clients and partners and by potential new customers, as well as by other R&D companies and CRO.

It was also the occasion to join our first IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers’ Association) annual meeting, as new members of this association.


A new solution for the study of the rhizosphere and microbial communities that can modify the quality of soil and plants.

LLPhP: LandLab Phenotyping Platform

Landlab is equipped with a 300 m2 greenhouse on which a multispectral camera is installed for the study of Plant Phenotyping. The Plant’s biometric and


Landlab in collaborazione con FISSSA sta ultimando la preparazione e organizzazione della 1a edizione della scuola Biostimolanti. Due giorni di formazione (22-23 Febbraio 2023), ospitati

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