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Landlab Days 2021: inclusiveness, beauty, dialogue

Despite a few months of delay we would like to share with you a tradition that we are consolidating year after year: the Landlab Days.

As every year, in November 2021 the entire Landlab team met for a couple of days of self-training and self-criticism on the progress of the 2021 season. We always try to improve ourselves and find new solutions to everyday problems.

We would especially like to thank the guests we had the pleasure of listening to:

Tommaso Zorzi (from Rete Pictor) and Lucia Cuman (CEO of STL Design and technology) who told us their story and their work experience and helped us thinking about two very topical issues: inclusivity and beauty.

We also listened with pleasure to Massimo Merlini (consultant and trainer) who gave us more than a few tips on how to manage conflicts, or rather dialogue and how reaching a compromise is the solution.

Thanks again to everyone for their commitment and for getting involved. Who knows what the next Landlab days will bring?

We have a new drone! ✨

It’s a multispectral drone equipped with RKT (Real Time Kinematic), a technology that compared to the “conventional” GPS is able to obtain a positioning error


AQUA is an advanced water resource management system in running the experimental field trials, which will allow us to have information on the times and


We were present at the Fieragricola 2024 (Verona agricultural fair)! 🙋‍♀️ 🚜 This is the 116th edition of a four days event with an exhibition


We have been at this year’s Biostimulants World Congress! It was an exciting experience and a great opportunity for us to meet new people, new