The Life P4P project has been finalised

On 04 May 2022, the Life P4Pproject has been finalized with the monitor of Neemo (Raphael Bequet) and the final manager of Cinea (Nadia Lamhandaz).

The project ended brilliantly and we received the explicit appreciation of the monitor for the results obtained and the achievement of the set objectives. There is also the concrete possibility of being nominated for “the best life project of the year”.

We are enthusiastic and proud of the work done to date, a date that marks the end of Life but also a new beginning path for further products development.

A special thanks goes to all those who participated in the project by putting their skills into practice.

For the excellent work of Van Iperen, thanks to Marc van Oers, Laurent Aubertin, Marine Lair, Kevin Schilperoord and Zahi Zind.

Thanks to Gertruud van Leijen and Nina Giuliana Londer for all their dedication and prefessionalism.

Finally we would like to thank Prof. Andrea Squartini of UNIPD and the James Hutton Institute.

All this would not have been possible without the project promoters, Adriano and Cristina supported by the Landlab team.

The journey has just begun.

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