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Landlab disagrees with the European Commission decision

The EU commission, following the decision of the European Parliament of the 22nd November 2023, sadly decided on the 6th February to stop the introduction of sustainable regulations and strategies into European agriculture.

Regarding the biocontrol solution, IBMA commented (on the 23rd November 2023):
“IBMA regrets the loss of an opportunity that had the potential to accelerate access to innovative nature-based solutions.”

📢 And Jennifer Lewis, the IBMA Executive Director added on the 27th February 2024:
“It’s time to put politics aside and put farmers first by ensuring they have access to biocontrol to remain competitive and productive when growing food sustainably for all.”

Landlab supports IBMA’s evaluations. This change will generate clear damage to farmers, innovators and finally to the environment, delaying the start of using really sustainable technologies for controlling pests and pathogens, such as the Biocontrol solutions. It will still keep the portfolio of instruments too tight, and harm both the really innovative industry and the creative farmers.

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We have a new drone! ✨

It’s a multispectral drone equipped with RKT (Real Time Kinematic), a technology that compared to the “conventional” GPS is able to obtain a positioning error


AQUA is an advanced water resource management system in running the experimental field trials, which will allow us to have information on the times and