Step into our upgraded solution for soil health investigation with the BIOSPHERE 2.0 platform! 🎊🎉

A year ago, we unveiled our Biosphere platform, improving the understanding of plant microbiomes and interactions. But we didn’t stop there. 💪👨‍💻

We dug (and keep digging) deeper, researched tirelessly, and now we unveil the enhanced BIOSPHERE 2.0. Packed with new features, expanded investigations, and advanced analytics, this upgraded tool unlocks an abundance of previously hidden insights buried within the soil. 👩‍🔬🔬

Our goal is to spread knowledge in this area, with industries, academia, and farmers alike. 📣 📚 Together, a respectful (fair) agriculture will be possible. BIOSPHERE 2.0 isn’t just a tool—it’s a catalyst for change. Landlab wants to sow change: let’s sow the seeds of a better tomorrow, starting today. ✨