🌼Urban lawns face strong environmental and cultural pressures, a number of requirements are expected from them: flexibility, sustainability, but above all biodiversity of both flora and insects, birds and small mammals. 🦋 🐤 🐿

🌼These values, are unfortunately absent today. That’s why since 2020, jointly with other actors, Landlab has started the experimentation aimed at identifying and selecting plant material suitable for this paradigm change. 👩‍💻

🌼Some demos of biodiverse species for meadows were carried out during last years, and experimental tests, multiplication and selection of plant material were conducted. Then open pollinated varieties were taken, different ecotypes and species of flowering plants were tested and characterized to identify those most suitable, in balanced combination with perennial grasses, for use within the urban environment. 🌻

🌼We are working to be able to expand and improve varietal selection with the support of other partners, to achieve mixtures of biodiverse grasslands suitable for specific climatic areas, and to spread the use of these urban solutions, which favour biodiversity. 🌺 🦆 🦗

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