Landlab and P4P solutions at Biostimulant New AG International Conference

Barcelona – Spain – November 2019

Adriano Altissimo and Cristina Sudiro participated to this event for all the three days.  Landlab, in fact, presented a poster within the frame of the EU LIFE Project PlantsforPlants (P4P), summarizing the results of several trials, where one of the developed P4P prototypes (LL002) has shown very interesting performances.

Adriano Altissimo
Cristina Sudiro

PlantsforPlants is a key project developed by Landlab with industrial partners aimed to build a new category of efficient  Plants Derived Biostimulants with a profile friendly  and safe for the environment, the farmers, the consumers.

Marc Van Oers – Van Iperen International 
Presentation of the LIFE P4P project during the even:  Marc Van Oers – Van Iperen International

These three event days have been a great opportunity to meet our partners and other players in the area of Biostimulants: to build new and strong relationships is part of our core values.

Barcelona and New Ag International Organizers welcomed us warmly at this 4th Biostimulant World Congress, and we are looking forward to see you at the next event.


A new solution for the study of the rhizosphere and microbial communities that can modify the quality of soil and plants.

LLPhP: LandLab Phenotyping Platform

Landlab is equipped with a 300 m2 greenhouse on which a multispectral camera is installed for the study of Plant Phenotyping. The Plant’s biometric and


Landlab in collaborazione con FISSSA sta ultimando la preparazione e organizzazione della 1a edizione della scuola Biostimolanti. Due giorni di formazione (22-23 Febbraio 2023), ospitati

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