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Landlab’s journey to become Benefit Corporation is on its course!
landlab benefit

In Landlab has just taken shape a focus-group called Benefit Team, involving people working in our research facility with transversal roles from managers to technicians. This team will trasparently work keeping the whole staff informed about the topics discussed and gathering ideas, questions, proposals from it.

The aim of the Benefit Team is to reflect on issues that could be part of Landlab’s benefit identity and set the first benefit objectives for 2022, meanwhile reasoning on international frameworks of reporting.

. During this first part of its task the Benefit Team will reason about Landlab’s actual and future value propositions, in terms of responsibility, sustainability and transparency, in the direction of respect and promotion of the natural and social environment, workers and other stakeholders.

Il viaggio di Landlab verso Landlab Società Benefit sta proseguendo!

In Landlab si è costituito il Team Benefit, un gruppo su base volontaria che coinvolge le persone che lavorano presso il nostro centro di ricerca con ruoli trasversali dai manager ai tecnici.

Si lavorerà in modo trasparente tenendo informato tutto il personale di Landlab sulle tematiche affrontate e raccogliendo eventuali domande, idee e proposte da chi non partecipa direttamente agli incontri.

Obiettivo del team è riflettere su quali possano essere le tematiche che entreranno a far parte dell’identità benefit di Landlab e porre i primi obiettivi benefit per il 2022, ragionando al contempo sui diversi framework internazionali di reporting.

Si è iniziato con il riflettere per definire le proposte di valore attuali e future, in termini di responsabilità, sostenibilità e trasparenza nella direzione del rispetto e della promozione dell’ambiente naturale e sociale, dei lavoratori e di altri portatori d’interesse.

We have a new drone! ✨

It’s a multispectral drone equipped with RKT (Real Time Kinematic), a technology that compared to the “conventional” GPS is able to obtain a positioning error


AQUA is an advanced water resource management system in running the experimental field trials, which will allow us to have information on the times and


We were present at the Fieragricola 2024 (Verona agricultural fair)! 🙋‍♀️ 🚜 This is the 116th edition of a four days event with an exhibition


We have been at this year’s Biostimulants World Congress! It was an exciting experience and a great opportunity for us to meet new people, new